Sustainable Eyewear EcoFriendly Glasses Brands to Know

Sustainable Eyewear: Eco-Friendly Glasses Brands to Know

Eyewear can be more than just a fashion accessory; it can also make a positive environmental impact. With concerns about climate change and the rising trend of conscious consumerism, many eyewear brands are now prioritizing sustainability and creating eco-friendly glasses. These brands use various sustainable materials, promote ethical practices, and give back to the environment. In this article, we will highlight some of the top sustainable eyewear brands that you should know.

1. Sea2See: Sea2See is a brand that transforms marine plastic waste into high-quality eyewear. They collect plastic waste from the sea and coastal areas and transform it into stylish frames. By using recycled materials, Sea2See not only contributes to cleaning the oceans but also reduces the demand for new plastic production.

2. Proof Eyewear: Proof Eyewear is a family-owned and operated brand that focuses on sustainability and philanthropy. They use sustainable materials such as FSC-certified wood, repurposed skateboard decks, and upcycled aluminum in their frames. Furthermore, the company supports various environmental initiatives globally and pledges to give back a percentage of their profits to organizations working towards sustainable change.

3. ECO Eyewear: ECO Eyewear is committed to producing eco-friendly glasses without compromising on style and quality. They use recycled stainless steel, plant-based acetate, and other bio-based materials to create their frames. ECO Eyewear also offers a “One Frame One Tree” program where they plant a tree for every frame sold, contributing to reforestation efforts.

4. Stella McCartney Eyewear: Known for her commitment to sustainability, Stella McCartney extends her eco-friendly ethos to her eyewear line. The brand uses ethically sourced and recycled materials, such as bio-based and biodegradable acetate, organic cotton, and bio-polyamide. Stella McCartney Eyewear is also committed to reducing their carbon footprint by using low energy consumption in their manufacturing processes.

5. Dick Moby: Dick Moby is an Amsterdam-based eyewear brand that specializes in creating sustainable glasses with recycled and bio-based materials. They use high-quality acetate made from biodegradable materials, like cotton, wood, and corn. Moreover, they have partnered with Ocean Cleanup, an organization dedicated to removing plastic waste from the oceans, and donate a percentage of their profits towards the cause.

6. Karün: Karün is a Chilean eyewear brand renowned for its commitment to environmental and social sustainability. They create frames from recycled materials, such as discarded fishing nets collected from Patagonia. In addition, Karün collaborates with Indigenous communities to incorporate their traditional craftsmanship into their designs, fostering cultural preservation and offering fair economic opportunities.

7. Mosevic: Mosevic is a UK eyewear brand that takes sustainability to the next level with their unique approach. They use recycled denim and other textiles to create their frames, utilizing a technique called “denim-crete” to transform discarded clothing into strong and durable eyewear. By upcycling denim and reducing textile waste, Mosevic showcases the potential of reusing materials for creating stylish and sustainable eyewear.

These are just a few of the many sustainable eyewear brands making a positive impact in the fashion industry. By supporting these brands, not only can you contribute to reducing waste and preserving the environment, but you can also own a stylish and eco-friendly pair of glasses. Remember, sustainable choices matter, and your eyewear can be a statement of your commitment to a better future.